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St Luke’s Church has stood on Eardley Road since 1904 and in that time has built up a reputation as a friendly and welcoming church, showing God’s love in word and deed.  If, as a visitor or new resident, you are looking for a home church, we hope our website will tell and show you who we are, what we do and how we worship God. For those already worshipping here, please use the news available  to keep up to date.

The West Sevenoaks Team Ministry was created in November 2019 comprising St Luke’s, St Mary’s Kippington and St Mary’s Riverhead and Dunton Green. Click here for more information.

Our Mission Statement

At St Luke’s Church …

  • We seek to worship God as made known to us in Jesus Christ.
  • We are unafraid to reason, laugh and explore.
  • We know we need one another as we try to embody our faith in our daily lives.
  • We welcome the people of faith, all who seek faith and friendship and all who doubt.

Our worship is of a central Anglican nature with a choral style of music and strong lay participation, as well as a tradition of thoughtful preaching. We are a welcoming congregation covering all ages who are committed to caring for one another and showing the love of God in word and action.

As a Church, we seek to integrate our faith into our everyday lives and to discuss issues of importance in society from a Christian perspective and to experience the Christian faith through encounter with the living God.

St Luke’s is a place where, in the company of others on their pilgrim way, men and women have been able to think, to pray and to seek after God and find Him.

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and  you can click here to see St Luke’s position on  Safeguarding.
God bless.  Jean Picton-Bentley and Peter Fleming (Churchwardens)