Regular Activities

St Luke’s Fellowship Programme for 2017

Thursday 30th March at 2.00pm—Talk by the Samaritans

Thursday 27th April at 2.00pm—Visit to All Saints’ Church at Tudeley

In early May an additional trip will be arranged to see the bluebells at Emmetts Garden

Thursday 25th May at 2.00pm—A visit to Kemsing Church

Thursday 29th June at 2.00pm—A boat trip on the River Medway at Tonbridge

Friday 13th July—Anne Bourne’s garden party

Thursday 31st August at 2.00pm—a visit to Great Comp Gardens

Thursday 29th September at 2pm—Planning Meeting

Everyone is welcome to come to any of our meetings. Fellowship gives us the opportunity to meet together midweek, do come along to one of our trips or talks, more details will be published in future magazines.

Lent Reading

Each year the Archbishop of Canterbury chooses a religious author to write his Lent book, for which he provides the foreword. This year however Archbishop Justin Welby has written his own book for Lent 2017 which is his first book.

In Dethroning Mammon, Archbishop Justin asks the question ‘On what cross will we be crucified? The Cross of Christ, the cross of wood. or the Cross of Mammon, the cross of gold?’ The former leads to new life, the latter leads finally to death. Following the Gospels towards the Easter story, this book asks the reader what it means to put away the cross of gold, to dethrone Mammon in the values and priorities of our society and in our own lives, and through Lent to come to a new place of trust in the abundance and grace of God.

It sounds like an interesting reflection in these uncertain times and I’m encouraging us all to take time in lent to read the Archbishop’s book. There will be an opportunity after Easter to discuss the issues raised.

Mark Griffin