Our Mission

Mission Statement

At St Luke’s Church …

  • We seek to worship God as made known to us in Jesus Christ.
  • We are unafraid to reason, laugh and explore.
  • We know we need one another as we try to embody our faith in our daily lives.
  • We welcome the people of faith, all who seek faith and friendship and all who doubt.

Our worship is of a central Anglican nature with a choral style of music and strong lay participation, as well as a tradition of thoughtful preaching. We are a welcoming congregation covering all ages who are committed to caring for one another and showing the love of God in word and action.

As a Church, we seek to integrate our faith into our everyday lives and to discuss issues of importance in society from a Christian perspective and to experience the Christian faith through encounter with the living God.

St Luke’s is a place where, in the company of others on their pilgrim way, men and women have been able to think, to pray and to seek after God and find Him.