Musical profile and events

Musical Profile

St Luke’s is a central Anglican parish with a largely traditional style of worship.

One of its most important features is a musical tradition, nurtured over a number of years by successive clergy and Directors of Music. The Choir sing on Sundays at our 10.15 services aiding our worship with a prepared anthem and leading the congregation in a choral setting of the Mass. The anthems are drawn from a wide range of music and the Mass settings are changed several times a year. The Choir rehearse on Thursday evenings.

The Choir aims at a high standard, but welcomes everyone. We have recorded two CDs, sung a number of times in Rochester Cathedral and have also sung in Southwark Cathedral. As well as Sunday mornings, we sing during Holy Week at a variety of services, for special days like Ascension Day and for some Choral Evensongs during the year.

St Luke’s participates in the annual Sevenoaks Festival, with the Choir playing an important part in the service, and we also have a choral Patronal Eucharist.

The whole team is committed to the worship of God through music and the enjoyment of working together. If you would like to find out more or join the choir, please contact the Vicar.

Musical Events

Wednesday Lunch Time Recitals

At 12.30pm each Wednesday of every month – except January and August – St Luke’s hosts a musical recital which lasts about half an hour. We have a wide variety of recitalists, everything from arias to Bluegrass to ensembles, all to a high standard. The recitals encourage young musicians, especially from local schools and from national colleges of music.

The recitals are free, and enjoy wide support especially amongst those working in the town, who often bring their lunch (coffee and tea are available) and people are free to come and go during the recital.

The Recital Series provides a platform for young musicians starting out on their music career, so if you would like to make use of such an opportunity and take part in the St Luke’s Lunchtime Recital series, or know someone who would like to do so, please call the Parish Office on 01732 743045 or email: Parish Administrator