All Saints, Marondera

A link between St Luke’s and All Saints, Marondera was established in the late 1990’s as part of a diocesan link. For the last ten years St Luke’s PCC has been committed to pay £1,000 annually to support All Saints. Zimbabwe has sufferred from political and economic mis-management over recent years and in 2019 it was decided that our  support would best be used to purchase basic food items and cooking supplies for the poorest people in the Parish.

In 2017 Father Farai Kuwanda (on right) was appointed Rector to take on the leadership of All Saints and he and his team have been able to make all the local logistical arrangements and liasion with the Harare Diocese required to purchase  the supplies locally and then transport them to the church and then sort, pack and distribute them to families selected by the Churchwardens and PCC members. St Luke’s gifts of Food Parcels in 2020 and 2021 have been increased in size through the generosity of individual members of the congregation.

In November 2017, Dr Valerie Caton (who was then a member of St Luke’s Mission Outreach and Giving Committee) visited Harare in a private capacity and met Fr Farai at Harare Cathedral to restablish our link and in 2018, a WhatsApp group was created and this has enabled regular communication between St Luke’s and All Saint’s . In February 2019, some photos  of the church were received which help us to envisage better the environment of our sisters and brothers in Christ.

In  December 2019, Valerie Caton revisited Harare and was able to meet Fr Farai and pass on a gift from St Luke’s together with our love.

In November 2020, April 2021 and June 2021 St Luke’s PCC worked with Fr Farai and the Churchwardens and Committee at All Saints  Church and the Bishop and Treasurer  of Harare Diocese so that many Food Parcels could be distributed to needy families in the All Saints Parish in Marondera.

Below you will see a slideshow of the organisation required to transport, sort and distribute the Food Parcels in June 2021. Our gift was timed to coincide with the annual memorial of the life of Bernard Mizeki and the celebration of his service to our Lord and Saviour in southern Africa. Angela Charidza, All Saint’s Secretary, told Valerie Caton “Distribution was done peacefully and quietly. It was over most of the day. This saw the wider community coming in to help with vehicles to transport packs to different locations. While we have been restricted in terms of gatherings, God arranged to involve more people from the community to help those in need. What a blessing.”

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Click here to see a short video of the organising and distrubuting of the Food Parcels during the week after Easter in April 2021…and here is another short video of a prayerful presntation of the parcels to some families.

And below you will see a Slideshow of some photos of the celebration and distribution in April 2021:

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Click here to see a video of the congregation singing a hymn of Thanksgiving for the Food Parcels in November 2020.

And below you will see a Slideshow of some photos of the celebration and distribution in November 2020:

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In January 2020 St Luke’s financial support enabled the ceilings in some of  the rooms in the Rectory which had been in urgent need of repair for some month to be repaired. St Luke’s agreed to fund the repairs which were organised by Fr Farai and some members of All Saints’ PCC.  Now the rooms are back in safe working order and being used again to meet Parish needs.Here are some photos of before and after the work:

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Here is a team photo sent to St Luke’s in 2018 and comprises (left to right – Front row) Father Farai Kuwanda, Martha Kanengoni (Church Warden), Eline Mutekede (Treasurer) and Audrey Chiremba (Parish Secretary); (left to right – Back row) Edward Matombo (Church Warden), Andrew Jenna and Charles Muswaka.

And here are a few more photos of All Saints received in 2018:

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We look forward to continuing our WhatsApp exchanges and the opportunity to assist All Saints with other projects in the future.