Church Giving

This section describes St Luke’s PCC’s and the congregation’s charitable giving at Home and Overseas.

Information on Charities which St Luke’s supported in 2019

The above donations include the first year of  a five year cycle of support planned to be £9,500 per year for the charities listed directly below plus £500 pa for a Travel Award. 

Click on the name of the charity to see their website. Once you have finished reading, close the charity’s tab in your browser and click on the tab for our website.

This international charity works to give justice and hope to people who feel they are forgotten. Such as Street Children ; those in Palestine and Gaza; and Communities in Nicaragua and India. Peter Ashwell is the St Luke’s Champion for this charity.

This charity, founded in 1993 and based in England acts as an inter-denominational Christian aid agency chanelling money from Christians to Christians (which will benefit all faiths) through locally established Christian churches and organisations in 50 countries.  Peter Ashwell is the St Luke’s Champion for this charity.

This charity has enabled over 1.4 million girls to be educated in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi. It also helps girls to reach their full potential by securing livelihoods and becoming leaders of change in their communities and countries. Valerie Caton is the St Luke’s Champion for this charity.

John Mills is St Luke’s CMS Champion who receives regular letters from our Mission Partners working in Bengaluru, India.

Is a local Christian-based charity that offers our young people an ear to listen to their worries and concerns about growing up in our and their turbulent worlds. Peter Ashwell is the St Luke’s Champion for this charity.

Is a local charity that offers professional support to people needing to talk through personal problems. Mary Wright is a practicing Trustee and St Luke’s champion for this charity.

This local charity explains to people with financial problems how to go about getting back on an even keel. Laurence Pearce is St Luke’s champion for this charity.

In 2019 the PCC also subvented £1,200 to the MOG Committee for ad hoc donations and the Committee supported:  

This small local charity organises events which bring together  individuals who agree to pay for their own “adventure” AND raise significant amounts of sponsorship which is then distrbuted to charities focussed on education and health in Africa.

From time to time MOG Ctee support appeals. In 2019, support was given to help recovery from Cyclone Idai that affected South East African countries.

We support AllSaints Church in Marondera which is in the Harare Diocese in Zimbabwe. During 2019 we supported an appeal for Water Filters.

In addition to the PCC’s  committed giving scheme and via the MOG Committee, St Luke’s congregation donates to a different charity for each month, and for special events (such as Lent Boxes or Christian Aid Week) and directly. In 2019, the following charities – delivering aid Overseas – were supported in one of the ways described above:  

This is a leading international charity working in over 45 countries supporting the poorest women and children in the world and changing their lives for good.

This UK charity provides help and support to those in need across the world. St Luke’s participates in the annual Christian Aid Week each May.

MAF enables thousands of aid, relief and mission projects (of various charities) to take place in really remote places.

This charity is a missionary arm of the Anglican Church, founded over 160 years ago and now with a presence in over 200 ports throughout the world, it provides spiritual and physical well being for seafarers.

This independent charity, founded in 1981, supports refugees and asylum seekers to resettle and build new lives in the UK.

This charity, supported by the major water companies in UK, has changed millions of lives, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Its work is supported by offices in the UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan and India.

In 2019, the following charities – delivering aid at Home in the UK – were supported by the congregation in one of the ways described above:  

Is a mission-focussed charity that is transforming lives and communities through the work of evangelists, staff and supporters.  It is committed to sharing the Christian faith through words and actions in a variety of contexts throughout the British Isles.

The CUF’s vision is to see people all over England flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness by encouraging small locally-based projects. Also it runs themed National Programmes.

This local charity is dedicated to preserving Kent’s churches and helping maintain them in good condition. St Luke’s participates in the annual Ride and Stride fund raising event.

This local charity supports those who are looking to recover from drugs and/or alcohol abuse, as well as supporting their families. There are houses to help addicts to reintegrate and resettle in society.

Their is a vibrant Phab Club in Sevenoaks which inspires and supports children, young people and adults who may be disabled to make more of life together so that they enjoy the same activities and challenges as, and alongside, those without a disability.

This local charity helps people who have nowhere to go and no one to turn to by signposting support for their mental health, housing, education and employment.

The mission of this charity is to show Christ’s love to prisoners by coming alongside them and supporting them.  It provides Christian ministry  through a network of 2,000 skilled professionals across the country.

This local organisation has been created by a core-group of professional people living in Sevenoaks with the purpose of housing and supporting Syrian Refugee families under the government schemes.  The link above is to SWR’s Facebook Page.

The Bridge Trust has been supporting single homeless people in West Kent since 1991. It helps people with advice, accommodation and support and provides housing to the homeless.