Regular Activities

St Luke’s Fellowship Programme for 2017

Thursday 23rd February at 2.00pm—Anne Bourne talks about her path to ordination followed by tea in the Vicarage.

During February there will be an additional visit to St Martin-in-the-Fields for a recital
Thursday 30th March at 2.00pm—Talk by the Samaritans

Thursday 27th April at 2.00pm—Visit to All Saints’ Church at Tudeley

In early May an additional trip will be arranged to see the bluebells at Emmetts Garden

Thursday 25th May at 2.00pm—A visit to Kemsing Church

Thursday 29th June at 2.00pm—A boat trip on the River Medway at Tonbridge

Friday 13th July—Anne Bourne’s garden party

Thursday 31st August at 2.00pm—a visit to Great Comp Gardens

Thursday 29th September at 2pm—Planning Meeting

Everyone is welcome to come to any of our meetings. Fellowship gives us the opportunity to meet together midweek, do come along to one of our trips or talks, more details will be published in future magazines.

Lifelong Learning

As Ash Wednesday is not until 1st March, my course will continue for four weeks from Friday January 27th, at 2.30 pm in the Lady Chapel. I shall begin with a short resumé of the first four talks as some of our regulars were not able to attend in November, and then move on to the Bloomsbury Group proper. The Edwardian period was considerably more revolutionary in ideas than is usually recognised, so I will also be talking about the Fabians and the Slade and the peculiar and tragic drift into the First World War. Metternich had achieved effective peace in Europe for 100 years, but the Great Powers then let him down. May our vote in the referendum not have a similar result.

For lighter reading on the early years on the 20th century, you may like to try E Phillips Oppenheim. He catches the atmosphere tremendously well..

Tim Pearce

St Luke’s Social & Study Group

The Study Group will be meeting at 8.00 p.m. on Monday January 9th at 51, High Street to finish ‘The upside-down Bible’ and choose our next book.

There is limited parking at the back of 51 High Street. To access it turn left into Oak Tree Close just before the entrance to Rockdale in Rockdale Road.
If there are spaces on the right just before the automatic gates, do park there and walk in through the pedestrian gate.
If not, enter 0249 on the key pad to the right hand side of the gate and drive in.

If you are walking, come to the front door on the High Street.

If you have any queries please give me a ring – Lyndall [01732 457826]