The Church has various Officers, Committees and other personnel who are responsible for ensuring the orderly conduct of  everything it and they do.

  • Janet Bates was elected Churchwarden in 2016. She has worshipped at St Luke’s since 2011 after moving to Sevenoaks from Leicester to look after her grandchildren. She enjoys being an active member of the church, and is part of the fete organising committee. In her spare time, she likes gardening.
  • Nick Donaldson was elected churchwarden in 2015. He has worshipped at St Luke’s since returning to Sevenoaks in 2000. He has lived in the area for most of his life and has a career as an academic biomedical engineer. He is married to Tessa and has three grown-up children. He has had the pleasure of being in the St Luke’s choir.
Other Officers

People who are currently holding other key governance positions in St Luke’s:


Main Committees, their Meeting frequency, Chair and Secretary and Membership: