The Vicar Writes

The Vicar Writes

Dear Friends

One of the great driving forces in my life and ministry has been vocation, something which I have been very fortunate to be involved with for the last twenty years.

For me vocation is about individuals finding where their skills and gifts are, discovering the God-given talents that they have. I believe that God created each one of us in a certain way and our task is to find God’s purpose for us and to become the people that God wants us to be – to be the best we can be. That is what calling is all about and those of us who work in vocations do our bit to journey with individuals to help them find what God has in store for them- to be ambassadors and midwives of vocation

The fourth Sunday in Easter is Vocations Sunday, when churches across the denominations and around the world celebrate calling each year. This year the fourth Sunday is on 7th May and gives us at St Luke’s time to celebrate all the gifts being used in the church and to encourage others to find ways of using their gifts, perhaps sometimes a little hidden away but there none the less.

I’ve always tried to talk about vocation in my time at St Luke’s to encourage each of us to use our gifts in the church and beyond. That is especially true as St Luke’s approaches the interregnum and, once I have left, everyone will need to use their gifts even more to ensure that everything is done well and the church not only functions but continues to thrive. In the past churches would often go into lock-down waiting for a new Vicar to arrive, just keeping on with the bare minimum. Now churches are encouraged to discover new gifts and new ways of working during the interregnum as parishes are about the people of God in that place working together not simply waiting for someone new to arrive.

It is a good time to talk vocation as the events of Ascension Day remind us of Jesus handing over the baton to his disciples and the church starting to come into being. These next few months will see the baton being handed over at St Luke’s and a focus on the gifts and skills of the congregation being even more important. As I said to someone recently, the test of whether I did my job well is if St Luke’s continues to  flourish into the interregnum and beyond.

God has it all prepared and we trust in Him and the gifts he has given
St Luke’s.

Every blessing