The Associate Vicar Writes

After the events of last week in London people will be searching and asking the question why? Wanting to find answers.; why did it happen? Why were innocent people killed? A question that surrounds not just this event but other occasions when death seems pointless and innocent people die or are indeed murdered. There are of course no easy answers and it would be easy also to be glib or patronising in answering the why and trying to account for the actions of one man or others in the events that happen around the world today.

As you read this letter we shall shortly be celebrating the passion of Jesus and the events that surrounded that first Easter. For many at the time of Jesus death and resurrection there would undoubtedly have been similar questions being asked. Why should an innocent man be allowed to die and what is more die for the world by crucifixion. Should Jesus in fact have died at all? Then just three days later why did he bother to rise again?

As Christians, there is of course real purpose in those events which surround Good Friday and Easter Day. Without the events of Good Friday, Easter Day would indeed be pointless. There would have been no resurrection if Jesus had not first died and indeed died for you and I; the whole world. We get hope from the first Easter. This is because when we acknowledge Jesus as our saviour, our sins are forgiven and we can have eternal life. Death has no hold on us. We have a sure and certain hope. This hope is not only in life after we die, but in our present life also. We can have hope for today, despite everything that is happening in the world around us. The wars, acts of terrorism and among other things the killing of innocent people. In dying Jesus defeated death and enables us to live now in the sure and certain hope of eternal life.

As we celebrate Easter this year let us hold on to this hope. Hope that did not end on a cross, but rather in an empty tomb and with the acknowledgement ‘he has risen!’ May we know the presence of the risen Lord Jesus in our lives.

Happy Easter