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We have recently received Emails from Taurai Kachambere, the rector of All Saints, Marondera, and from Jane Ivy, the PCC secretary, and the following are extracts from their communications.

Dear Mark

Thank you for your email and we continue to pray that one day your schedule will enable you to come and visit us. Congratulations on your appointment as Honorary Canon of Rochester Cathedral and I hope that the installation service went well. God has also been good to me and my family as always, we are blessed with another baby boy and we named him Ethan. I have also completed my Masters degree in Philosophy with the University of Zimbabwe and God willing my graduation will be on the 2nd October. If I am able to secure funds I’m contemplating studying towards a PhD, but with our harsh economic situation at present I’m not sure what will happen.

I pray that you are all doing fine and you are in our prayers always. My warm regards to Clare and the whole family at St. Luke’s.

Your friend


Dear Mark

You mention clergy stipends – Taurai told me that he received his July stipend on 26th August when it was time to receive his August payment – how awful is that I ask? We at All Saints help as much as we can, but being as small as we are we cannot come up to the mark as much as we would like. Taurai has recently become a father again which must have been a stressful time for him – his medical aid (the same as ours) is failing to make any payments and of course you just need to cross the threshold of a doctor’s surgery and/or hospital and you have to pay plenty up front, so to make a plan with no monthly income from the Diocese is tough to say the least.

As you will well know monthly assessment is the first priority payment each month and when we have paid that we rather live from hand to mouth until the next month and the whole circle starts again. We have been able to purchase a water tank and a generator for the rectory with the money you gave last year plus our own Harvest money and that has made a big difference to the lives of the Kachembere family – the electricity load shedding is a nightmare (10-14 hours with now power each day). Water fails to come through the taps too, hence the installation of the water tank which fills up hopefully during the night when water trickles into the system. Life in Zimbabwe continues to be a monstrous challenge, but we must soldier on bravely and as Tourai highlighted in his message on Sunday we must all have patience, trust and faith.

With all good wishes and blessings,



Marondera – a link was established in the late 1990’s as part of a diocesan link. St Luke’s is committed to paying £1000 annually towards stipend of Fr. Robert Tandi, the Parish priest of All Saints.

Taurai Picture

Taurai, from All Saints Marondera visited St Luke’s in September 2013.

A gift from the people of All Saints, Maronderra to St Luke's.

A gift from the people of All Saints, Marondera to St Luke’s.